wx.Globalization.ExtractTranslationsOfTypesAndEnumValues Class Reference

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void ExtractTranslationsOfType (System.Reflection.Assembly a)
void ExtractTranslationsOfType (POTWriter writer, System.Reflection.Assembly a)
 ExtractTranslationsOfTypesAndEnumValues ()

Detailed Description

Looks for the attributes EnumValueTranslationsAttribute in TypeNameTranslationsAttribute in one or more assemblies and creates GetText entries in a POTWriter that can be used to provide translations for marked classes and enumeration constants.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Globalization.ExtractTranslationsOfTypesAndEnumValues.ExtractTranslationsOfTypesAndEnumValues (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void wx.Globalization.ExtractTranslationsOfTypesAndEnumValues.ExtractTranslationsOfType ( System.Reflection.Assembly  a  ) 

This method will create a POT file using the base name of the code base file of the assembly. Thus, translations of wx.PackageBuilder.exe will be stored in ex.PackageBuilder.pot.


void wx.Globalization.ExtractTranslationsOfTypesAndEnumValues.ExtractTranslationsOfType ( POTWriter  writer,
System.Reflection.Assembly  a 

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