wx.Globalization.EnumValueTranslationsAttribute Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 EnumValueTranslationsAttribute (int enumIntValue, string neutral, params string[] sequenceOfLocaleTranslationPairs)
System.Enum GetEnumValue (System.Type enumType)


int EnumIntValue [get]
StringInCultures Name [get]

Detailed Description

Use this class to amend enumerations with translations of their value.

These translations will for instance be used by wx.Object._(Enum). Example:

     [EnumValueTranslations(80, "Times")]
     [EnumValueTranslations(81, "Sans Serif")]
     [EnumValueTranslations(90, "True Type", "de", "Schreibmaschine")]
     [EnumValueTranslations(91, "Courier", "de", "Kurier")]
     enum FontFamily
The translation refers to the enumeration using the value. This class assumes int values.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Globalization.EnumValueTranslationsAttribute.EnumValueTranslationsAttribute ( int  enumIntValue,
string  neutral,
params string[]  sequenceOfLocaleTranslationPairs 

Defines a neutral name and translations for an enumeration value.

enumIntValue designates the enumeration value providing its cast to int.
neutral is a neutral name that will be used when translating into unknown languages.
sequenceOfLocaleTranslationPairs is a sequence of pairs of canonical locale names and translations.

Member Function Documentation

System.Enum wx.Globalization.EnumValueTranslationsAttribute.GetEnumValue ( System.Type  enumType  ) 

Property Documentation

int wx.Globalization.EnumValueTranslationsAttribute.EnumIntValue [get]

StringInCultures wx.Globalization.EnumValueTranslationsAttribute.Name [get]

Readonly access to the human readable name of the class or type and its translations.

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