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Public Member Functions

void Add (CultureName culture, string original, string translation)
void AddRange (Dictionary alternativeTranslations)
 Dictionary (CultureName culture, string original, string translation, params string[] pairs)
 Dictionary ()
string GetTranslation (CultureName culture, string original)
string GetTranslation (string original)


string this [string original] [get, set]

Detailed Description

A dictionary might hold translations into several languages.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Globalization.Dictionary.Dictionary (  ) 

wx.Globalization.Dictionary.Dictionary ( CultureName  culture,
string  original,
string  translation,
params string[]  pairs 

This is a dictionary containing translation into culture.

original provides the original that shall be translated.
translation is the translation into the specified culture.
pairs is an optional sequence of an even number of strings. The first one is an original term, the second is the translation of the first, the third is an original term, the forth is the translation of the forth, and so on. If this is an odd number of arugments, the last string will be silently ignored.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.Globalization.Dictionary.Add ( CultureName  culture,
string  original,
string  translation 

This will add translation as translation of original into culture. This will raise an argument exception, or original already is translated into culture.

void wx.Globalization.Dictionary.AddRange ( Dictionary  alternativeTranslations  ) 

This will add all translation of alternativeTranslations into this.

string wx.Globalization.Dictionary.GetTranslation ( CultureName  culture,
string  original 

Tries to translate into culture. If special culture name component is set, try to find a translation referring to the full culture name. If otherwise or not successful country name component is known, try to find a translation referring to language and culture. If failed, try to find a translation into the language as named by culture. If even this failed, return null.

Implements wx.Globalization.IDictionary.

string wx.Globalization.Dictionary.GetTranslation ( string  original  ) 

This will translate original into the current culture according to System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture .

Property Documentation

string wx::Globalization.Dictionary::this (  )  [get, set]

Get or set a translation into the current (referring to System.Globalization) culture.

Get or set a translation into the provided culture. Gets a translation that is specific to the provided culture or null if this translation does not exist for the specified culture. Example: "reden" is "de" translation of "talk". "snacken" is a more specific translation into "de-DE-KUESTE".

 this[CultureName.FromString("de"), "talk"]
will return "reden",
 this[CultureName.FromString("de-DE-KUESTE"], "talk")
will return "snacken", and
 this[CultureName.FromString("de-DE"), "talk"]
will return null.

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