wx.Globalization.CultureName Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int CompareTo (object obj)
 CultureName (string lang, string country, string special)
 CultureName (string lang, string country)
 CultureName (string lang)
 CultureName (LanguageInfo lang)
 CultureName (Language lang)
override bool Equals (object obj)
override int GetHashCode ()
override string ToString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CultureName FromString (string canonicalName)
static bool operator!= (CultureName c1, CultureName c2)
static bool operator== (CultureName c1, CultureName c2)


string Country [get]
bool HasCountry [get]
bool HasSpecial [get]
string Lang [get]
string Special [get]

Detailed Description

This class represent a normalized name of a culture like de-DE or en-GB. The name is composed of at most three components: Language, country, and special.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Globalization.CultureName.CultureName ( Language  lang  ) 

wx.Globalization.CultureName.CultureName ( LanguageInfo  lang  ) 

wx.Globalization.CultureName.CultureName ( string  lang  ) 

wx.Globalization.CultureName.CultureName ( string  lang,
string  country 

wx.Globalization.CultureName.CultureName ( string  lang,
string  country,
string  special 

A culture name specifying all three levels.

lang defines the language in canonical form, e.g. "en" or "de".
country define the country like "GB" or "US". Use "" as indifferent input.
special is another additional specifiyer. Use "" as indifferent input.

Member Function Documentation

int wx.Globalization.CultureName.CompareTo ( object  obj  ) 

override bool wx.Globalization.CultureName.Equals ( object  obj  ) 

static CultureName wx.Globalization.CultureName.FromString ( string  canonicalName  )  [static]

Creates an instance from a canonical name like "de-DE" or "de_DE".

override int wx.Globalization.CultureName.GetHashCode (  ) 

static bool wx.Globalization.CultureName.operator!= ( CultureName  c1,
CultureName  c2 
) [static]

static bool wx.Globalization.CultureName.operator== ( CultureName  c1,
CultureName  c2 
) [static]

override string wx.Globalization.CultureName.ToString (  ) 

Property Documentation

string wx.Globalization.CultureName.Country [get]

bool wx.Globalization.CultureName.HasCountry [get]

bool wx.Globalization.CultureName.HasSpecial [get]

string wx.Globalization.CultureName.Lang [get]

string wx.Globalization.CultureName.Special [get]

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