wx.FontData Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 FontData (Font font, Colour colour)
 FontData (Font font)
 FontData ()
 FontData (IntPtr wxObject)
void SetRange (int min, int max)

Protected Member Functions

override void CallDTor ()


bool AllowSymbols [get, set]
Font ChosenFont [get, set]
Colour Colour [get, set]
bool EffectsEnabled [get, set]
Font InitialFont [get, set]
bool ShowHelp [get, set]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.FontData.FontData ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.FontData.FontData (  ) 

wx.FontData.FontData ( Font  font  ) 

wx.FontData.FontData ( Font  font,
Colour  colour 

Member Function Documentation

override void wx.FontData.CallDTor (  )  [protected, virtual]

This will be called by Dispose() to delete the C++ object. Overload this if you have to use another DTor.

Reimplemented from wx.Object.

void wx.FontData.SetRange ( int  min,
int  max 

Property Documentation

bool wx.FontData.AllowSymbols [get, set]

Font wx.FontData.ChosenFont [get, set]

Colour wx.FontData.Colour [get, set]

bool wx.FontData.EffectsEnabled [get, set]

Font wx.FontData.InitialFont [get, set]

bool wx.FontData.ShowHelp [get, set]

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