wx.ErrorEvent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void SkipDefaultErrorHandler ()


Exception InnerException [get]
bool ShallTheDefaultErrorHandlerBeSkipped [get]

Detailed Description

Data on an error that has been encountered by an event handler during the processign of an event. Handlers of these events typically open a message box or display an error mark somewhere in the GUI.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.ErrorEvent.SkipDefaultErrorHandler (  ) 

The default error handler - raising a message box - will be skipped after calling this method.

Property Documentation

Exception wx.ErrorEvent.InnerException [get]

If this error event has been cause by an exception - the normal case - this property provides you access to this exception.

bool wx.ErrorEvent.ShallTheDefaultErrorHandlerBeSkipped [get]

True iff a handler of the error event told the sender of the event to skip the default error handler.

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