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Public Member Functions

void AddParameter (string parametername, string parameterdoc)
string GetDocOnParameter (string name)
 MethodDoc (MemberDescriptor methodName, string summary)
 MethodDoc ()
override string ToString ()


< KeyValuePair
< string, string > > 
DocOnParameters [get, set]
MemberDescriptor MethodName [get, set]
string Returns [get, set]

Detailed Description

Class to represent document entries on methods.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Doc.MethodDoc.MethodDoc (  ) 

wx.Doc.MethodDoc.MethodDoc ( MemberDescriptor  methodName,
string  summary 

Creates a dosumentation entry describing a method.

methodName Designator of the documented method.
summary Summary text.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.Doc.MethodDoc.AddParameter ( string  parametername,
string  parameterdoc 

Adds documentation for a parameter.

parametername The name of the parameter.
parameterdoc The documentation of the parameter (content of PARAM tag).

string wx.Doc.MethodDoc.GetDocOnParameter ( string  name  ) 

Returns documentation of the method parameter of the provided name.

name Name of the parameter whose documentation has been requested.
A non-null string that may be empty.

override string wx.Doc.MethodDoc.ToString (  ) 

Property Documentation

ICollection<KeyValuePair<string, string> > wx.Doc.MethodDoc.DocOnParameters [get, set]

Returns a collection of pairs of parameter names and documentation on the parameter.

MemberDescriptor wx.Doc.MethodDoc.MethodName [get, set]

The name of the documented method. This is an instance of MethodDescriptor if the documentation shall be used for a particular implementation of the method (depending on the types of the parameters).

string wx.Doc.MethodDoc.Returns [get, set]

The content of the RETURNS tag.

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