wx.Doc.AssemblyDocBase Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 AssemblyDocBase (System.Reflection.Assembly assembly)
MethodDoc GetMethodDoc (MemberDescriptor m)
PropertyDoc GetPropertyDoc (MemberDescriptor p)
TypeDoc GetTypeDoc (TypeDescriptor t)


string AssemblyName [get]
string Error [get]
Uri Filename [get]

Detailed Description

Includes the documentation entries for one assembly.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Doc.AssemblyDocBase.AssemblyDocBase ( System.Reflection.Assembly  assembly  ) 

Member Function Documentation

MethodDoc wx.Doc.AssemblyDocBase.GetMethodDoc ( MemberDescriptor  m  ) 

Returns the documentation of the designated method if one has been loaded.

m Designates the method whose documentation is requested. If this is a MethodDescriptor, then this will also search for a documentation to MethodDescriptor.Generalized.
See also:

PropertyDoc wx.Doc.AssemblyDocBase.GetPropertyDoc ( MemberDescriptor  p  ) 

Returns the documentation of the designated property if one has been loaded.

p Designates the property whose documentation is requested.

TypeDoc wx.Doc.AssemblyDocBase.GetTypeDoc ( TypeDescriptor  t  ) 

Returns the documentation of the designated type if one has been loaded.

t The type whose documentation is requested

Property Documentation

string wx.Doc.AssemblyDocBase.AssemblyName [get]

The name of the assembly as read from the documentation file. This may be null on read errors.

string wx.Doc.AssemblyDocBase.Error [get]

This is an error message if something went wrong on loading. This is null if everything is OK.

Uri wx.Doc.AssemblyDocBase.Filename [get]

The source of the documentation.

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