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wx.DataObject wx.Object

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Public Member Functions

void Add (DataObjectSimple newPart)
void Add (DataObjectSimple newPart, bool preferred)
 DataObjectComposite (DataObjectSimple preferredObject, params DataObjectSimple[] additionalParts)
 DataObjectComposite ()
< DataObjectSimple
GetNonEmptyObjects ()
DataObjectSimple GetOneNoneEmptyObject ()


DataObjectSimple[] AllObjects [get]

Detailed Description

wx.DataObjectComposite is the simplest way to implement wx.DataObject supporting multiple formats. It contains several wx.DataObjectSimple and supports all formats supported by any of them.

This class shouldn't be (normally) derived from, but may be used directly. If you need more flexibility than what it provides, you should probably use wx.DataObject directly.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.DataObjectComposite.DataObjectComposite (  ) 

Creates an instance that shall be extended with Add().

See also:

wx.DataObjectComposite.DataObjectComposite ( DataObjectSimple  preferredObject,
params DataObjectSimple[]  additionalParts 

Creates an instance that can directly be used.

preferredObject A data object - that shall not be another composite - that will be added to the possible contents of this composite. The preferred format of this object will become the preferred format of this object.
additionalParts Additional data objects defining additional possible formats of this object.

Member Function Documentation

void wx.DataObjectComposite.Add ( DataObjectSimple  newPart  ) 

Add data object (it will be deleted by wx.DataObjectComposite). The format of newPart will become the preferred one.

void wx.DataObjectComposite.Add ( DataObjectSimple  newPart,
bool  preferred 

Add data object (it will be deleted by wx.DataObjectComposite).

preferred specifies with true, that the format of newPart will become the preferred one.
newPart New part of this composite. Do not add another compposite here.

ICollection<DataObjectSimple> wx.DataObjectComposite.GetNonEmptyObjects (  ) 

Returns a collection of those data objects that are not empty - that contain data.


DataObjectSimple wx.DataObjectComposite.GetOneNoneEmptyObject (  ) 

This method returns one of those contained simple objects that contain some data. If all contained simple objects are empty, the result is null.


Property Documentation

DataObjectSimple [] wx.DataObjectComposite.AllObjects [get]

Returns all contained simple objects.

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