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wx.ComponentModel.DataModelBase wx.ComponentModel.IDataModel

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Public Member Functions

 ValueModel (object value, Type referenceType)

Protected Member Functions

override object GetValue ()
override bool IsConsistentValue (object value)
override void SetValue (object value)


override bool PropagatesChanges [get]
override object Value [get, set]

Detailed Description

A Value model encapsulates an object. This object will be the value.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.ComponentModel.ValueModel.ValueModel ( object  value,
Type  referenceType 

Creates a model of the provided value using type information from referenceType. Ths will raise an System.ArgumentException, if value is not an instance of referenceType.

Member Function Documentation

override object wx.ComponentModel.ValueModel.GetValue (  )  [protected, virtual]

Override this to read the represented value.

Implements wx.ComponentModel.DataModelBase.

override bool wx.ComponentModel.ValueModel.IsConsistentValue ( object  value  )  [protected, virtual]

True iff value may be assigned by SetValue() without error. This is also allowed to throw an ErrorMessageException in order to provide full information for an error handler.

Implements wx.ComponentModel.DataModelBase.

override void wx.ComponentModel.ValueModel.SetValue ( object  value  )  [protected, virtual]

Override this to change the represented value without propagation of dependencies. This MUST work without exceptions of IsConsistentValue() returns true.

Implements wx.ComponentModel.DataModelBase.

Property Documentation

override bool wx.ComponentModel.ValueModel.PropagatesChanges [get]

True, if this safely detects all changes of the encapsulated value. Unfortunately, this is not able to notice any change within the value if this is a class. However, on value types, the only way to change this is to call SetValue. Of course, this will be noticed and this change will be propagated.

Reimplemented from wx.ComponentModel.DataModelBase.

override object wx.ComponentModel.ValueModel.Value [get, set]

Get or set the value.

Reimplemented from wx.ComponentModel.DataModelBase.

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