wx.ComponentModel.RaisesChangeEventAttribute Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 RaisesChangeEventAttribute (string eventName)


string EventName [get]

Detailed Description

Use this to annotate a property that raises an event on changing its value. Use this in combination with a PropertyModel to declare that the annotated property raises a particular event on changing its value (of type ValueChangedHandler). If you create a property model for such a property, this property model will install itself as a handler of this event.

Usually, property models like field models cannot guarantee to propagate all changes of the managed property or field since they simply will not be informed of a changed value. However, the wx.NET component model allows for programmers to specify some events that will be fired in case of value change.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.ComponentModel.RaisesChangeEventAttribute.RaisesChangeEventAttribute ( string  eventName  ) 

Indicates that the annotated property raises an event named eventName on changing its value.

Property Documentation

string wx.ComponentModel.RaisesChangeEventAttribute.EventName [get]

Name of the event that will be raised on changing the annotated property.

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