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Public Member Functions

 FormItemGroupAttribute (string name, string comment, params string[] triplesCanonicalNamePlusPropNamePlusComment)
 FormItemGroupAttribute (string name)


StringInCultures Comment [get]
string Id [get]
bool IsStatic [get, set]
StringInCultures Name [get]
int Sort [get, set]

Detailed Description

Use this attribute to define groups of form items. Use this attributes to define item groups to be displayed together. Users may hide item groups and make them visible again as long as the group is not declared to be statically visible. Groups have a name/label and optionally a comment. You may provide additional translations of names and comments.

The neutral (not translated) name of the group serves as a key. Usually, you will provide one instance of this attribute with full data and additional instances only comprising a neutral name to designate additional items that shall join the group. The form will choose one definition of the group to provide all the data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.ComponentModel.FormItemGroupAttribute.FormItemGroupAttribute ( string  name  ) 

Creates an instance without data.

wx.ComponentModel.FormItemGroupAttribute.FormItemGroupAttribute ( string  name,
string  comment,
params string[]  triplesCanonicalNamePlusPropNamePlusComment 

Creates an instance including data.

This attribute makes only sence if used together with FormItemAttribute.

Even if you provide null as comment, this instance will be considered as a definition of the item group providing full data.

name is the neutral name of the property to be shown in the form if this has not been translated into the current culture.
comment is the neutral comment of the property to be displayed if a better translation is not available.
triplesCanonicalNamePlusPropNamePlusComment is a sequence of triples canonical culture name (like "de-DE"), translated name, translated comment.
Example: Use this to declare a property of a form
         class FormData
         [FormItemGroupAttribute("Valuation Factors", "Some factors for valuation.",
                                 "de", "Bewertungsangaben", "Angaben zur Bewertung.")]
         [FormItemAttribute("Factor 1", "A value to be used for valuation.",
                            "de", "Faktor 1", "Bewertungsfaktor 1.", Sort=1)]
         int _factor1;

         [FormItemGroupAttribute("Valuation Factors")]
         [FormItemAttribute("Factor 2", "Another value to be used for valuation.",
                            "de", "Faktor 1", "Bewertungsfaktor 2.", Sort=2)]
         int _factor2;

Property Documentation

StringInCultures wx.ComponentModel.FormItemGroupAttribute.Comment [get]

The comment on this item group and its translations. This may be null if this instance does not contain data. The form will choose one of the instances of this attribute on the same group where this property is not null.

string wx.ComponentModel.FormItemGroupAttribute.Id [get]

The untranslated name of this group that also serves as a key to designate the group.

bool wx.ComponentModel.FormItemGroupAttribute.IsStatic [get, set]

True to require this attribute to be statically visible in the form (without scrolling). Please do not use this too often, because this might cause large and ugly looking forms. This is meant for fields like Name, affected year etc., that are something like a headline for the rest of the form.

StringInCultures wx.ComponentModel.FormItemGroupAttribute.Name [get]

The name of the item group and its translations.

int wx.ComponentModel.FormItemGroupAttribute.Sort [get, set]

If possible, item groups will be sorted according to this parameter.

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