wx.ComponentModel.FormItemAttribute Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 FormItemAttribute (string name, string comment, params string[] triplesCanonicalNamePlusPropNamePlusComment)


StringInCultures Comment [get]
bool IsReadOnly [get, set]
StringInCultures Name [get]
int Sort [get, set]

Detailed Description

This attribute indicates that a property or field shall be visible in a GenericFormPanel. You may declare a neutral name and comment and, if you like, translations of these into specific cultures. These names and remarks will be displayed in the generic field if appropriate. Additionally, you may declare the property as read only. You may also assign a criterion for sorting the items in the form.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.ComponentModel.FormItemAttribute.FormItemAttribute ( string  name,
string  comment,
params string[]  triplesCanonicalNamePlusPropNamePlusComment 

Creates an attribute defining a string that shall be used as a title on presenting the field.

name is the neutral name of the property to be shown in the form if this has not been translated into the current culture.
comment is the neutral comment of the property to be displayed if a better translation is not available.
triplesCanonicalNamePlusPropNamePlusComment is a sequence of triples canonical culture name (like "de-DE"), translated name, translated comment.
Example: Use this to declare a property of a form
         class FormData
         [FormItemAttribute("Valuation", "A value to be used for valuation.",
                            "de", "Bewertung", "Ein Wert zur Bewertung.")]
         int _valuation;

Property Documentation

StringInCultures wx.ComponentModel.FormItemAttribute.Comment [get]

This is a text that describes the meaning of this form field. Usually this will be displayed as tool tip.

bool wx.ComponentModel.FormItemAttribute.IsReadOnly [get, set]

True iff this shall be presented read-only.

StringInCultures wx.ComponentModel.FormItemAttribute.Name [get]

Name of this property in the dialog.

int wx.ComponentModel.FormItemAttribute.Sort [get, set]

If possible, items will be sorted according to this parameter.

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