wx.ColourDialog Class Reference

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wx.Dialog wx.Window wx.EvtHandler wx.Object

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Public Member Functions

 ColourDialog (Window parent, ColourData data)
 ColourDialog (Window parent)
 ColourDialog ()
 ColourDialog (IntPtr wxObject)
bool Create (Window parent, ColourData data)
override ShowModalResult ShowModal ()
 Modal display of the dialog.

Static Public Member Functions

static Colour GetColourFromUser (Window parent, Colour colInit)
static Colour GetColourFromUser (Window parent)
static Colour GetColourFromUser ()


ColourData ColourData [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.ColourDialog.ColourDialog ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.ColourDialog.ColourDialog (  ) 

wx.ColourDialog.ColourDialog ( Window  parent  ) 

wx.ColourDialog.ColourDialog ( Window  parent,
ColourData  data 

Member Function Documentation

bool wx.ColourDialog.Create ( Window  parent,
ColourData  data 

static Colour wx.ColourDialog.GetColourFromUser ( Window  parent,
Colour  colInit 
) [static]

static Colour wx.ColourDialog.GetColourFromUser ( Window  parent  )  [static]

static Colour wx.ColourDialog.GetColourFromUser (  )  [static]

override ShowModalResult wx.ColourDialog.ShowModal (  )  [virtual]

Modal display of the dialog.

Returns whether input has been confirmed or cancelled.

Reimplemented from wx.Dialog.

Property Documentation

ColourData wx.ColourDialog.ColourData [get]

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