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wx.WindowDC wx.DC wx.Object

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Public Member Functions

 ClientDC (Window window)
 ClientDC ()
 ClientDC (IntPtr wxObject)

Detailed Description

A device context for the region of a window.

A ClientDC must be constructed if an application wishes to paint on the client area of a window from outside an OnPaint event. This should normally be constructed as a temporary stack object; don't store a ClientDC object.

To draw on a window from within OnPaint, construct a PaintDC object.

To draw on the whole window including decorations, construct a WindowDC object (Windows only).

Please note, that you have to dispose this context as soon as you stop drawing explicitely. In C++ wxWidgets this is done explicitely when creating objects of this class in a local scope. The object will be deleted when leaving this scope implicitely. However, .NET implements an implicit destruction of objects using a garbage collector. So, you have either to use the key word using or the ethod wx.Object.Dispose() to delete a DC immediately after using it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.ClientDC.ClientDC ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

wx.ClientDC.ClientDC (  ) 

wx.ClientDC.ClientDC ( Window  window  ) 

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