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Public Member Functions

 ByteBuffer (int size)
override void Dispose ()
int Reserve (int newsize)
override string ToString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ByteBuffer SafeNew (byte[] bytes)


byte[] Data [get, set]
IntPtr PtrToBuffer [get]
int SizeFilled [get]
int SizeReserved [get]
byte this [int index] [get, set]

Detailed Description

This is an internal class representing a byte buffer. This class is applied sometimes when wxWidgets expects a void* buffer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.ByteBuffer.ByteBuffer ( int  size  ) 

Generates an instance capable of holding at most size bytes.

Member Function Documentation

override void wx.ByteBuffer.Dispose (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.Object.

int wx.ByteBuffer.Reserve ( int  newsize  ) 

Reserves the specified amount of bytes in the buffer. This removes all preexisting content. The number of filled bytes will be resetted.

newsize The numbe of bytes that shall be reserved.
The number of bytes reserved by this instance after this call.

static ByteBuffer wx.ByteBuffer.SafeNew ( byte[]  bytes  )  [static]

Creates an instance copying the data from bytes or resturns null in case of argument null.

override string wx.ByteBuffer.ToString (  ) 

Property Documentation

byte [] wx.ByteBuffer.Data [get, set]

Get or set the encapsulated data. The getter will crreate a new instance on every call.

IntPtr wx.ByteBuffer.PtrToBuffer [get]

Returns a pointer to the internally represented char[] buffer. Please note, that this buffer is not terminated by a 0.

int wx.ByteBuffer.SizeFilled [get]

This is the number of bytes that have been written into this instance.

int wx.ByteBuffer.SizeReserved [get]

This is the number of bytes that can be stored within this index.

byte wx.ByteBuffer.this[int index] (  )  [get, set]

Generates the filled byte at the provided index or 0 if the index is too large.

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