wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 AuiToolBarItem (IntPtr auiToolBarItemPtr)
 AuiToolBarItem ()
override void Dispose ()
wx.Bitmap GetBitmap ()
wx.Bitmap GetDisabledBitmap ()
bool GetHasDropDown ()
wx.Bitmap GetHoverBitmap ()
int GetId ()
ItemKind GetKind ()
string GetLabel ()
string GetLongHelp ()
int GetProportion ()
Size GetSetMinSize ()
string GetShortHelp ()
wx.SizerItem GetSizerItem ()
int GetSpacerPixels ()
int GetState ()
uint GetUserData ()
wx.Window GetWindow ()
bool IsActive ()
bool IsSticky ()
void SetActive (bool v)
void SetBitmap (wx.Bitmap bm)
void SetDisabledBitmap (wx.Bitmap bm)
void SetHasDropDown (bool v)
void SetHoverBitmap (wx.Bitmap bm)
void SetId (int new_id)
void SetKind (ItemKind kind)
void SetLabel (string label)
void SetLongHelp (string longHelp)
void SetMinSize (Size size)
void SetProportion (int proportion)
void SetShortHelp (string shortHelp)
void SetSizerItem (wx.SizerItem sizerItem)
void SetSpacerPixels (int space)
void SetState (int new_state)
void SetSticky (bool v)
void SetUserData (uint ud)
void SetWindow (wx.Window window)

Protected Member Functions

override void CallDTor ()


bool Active [get, set]
wx.Bitmap Bitmap [get, set]
wx.Bitmap DisabledBitmap [get, set]
bool HasDropDown [get, set]
wx.Bitmap HoverBitmap [get, set]
int Id [get, set]
ItemKind Kind [get, set]
string Label [get, set]
string LongHelp [get, set]
Size MinSize [get, set]
int Proportion [get, set]
string ShortHelp [get, set]
wx.SizerItem SizerItem [get, set]
int SpacerPixels [get, set]
int State [get, set]
bool Sticky [get, set]
uint UserData [get, set]
wx.Window Window [get, set]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.AuiToolBarItem (  ) 

wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.AuiToolBarItem ( IntPtr  auiToolBarItemPtr  ) 

Member Function Documentation

override void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.CallDTor (  )  [protected, virtual]

This will be called by Dispose() to delete the C++ object. Overload this if you have to use another DTor.

Reimplemented from wx.Object.

override void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.Dispose (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.Object.

wx.Bitmap wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetBitmap (  ) 

wx.Bitmap wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetDisabledBitmap (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetHasDropDown (  ) 

wx.Bitmap wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetHoverBitmap (  ) 

int wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetId (  ) 

ItemKind wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetKind (  ) 

string wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetLabel (  ) 

string wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetLongHelp (  ) 

int wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetProportion (  ) 

Size wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetSetMinSize (  ) 

string wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetShortHelp (  ) 

wx.SizerItem wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetSizerItem (  ) 

int wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetSpacerPixels (  ) 

int wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetState (  ) 

uint wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetUserData (  ) 

wx.Window wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.GetWindow (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.IsActive (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.IsSticky (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetActive ( bool  v  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetBitmap ( wx.Bitmap  bm  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetDisabledBitmap ( wx.Bitmap  bm  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetHasDropDown ( bool  v  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetHoverBitmap ( wx.Bitmap  bm  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetId ( int  new_id  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetKind ( ItemKind  kind  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetLabel ( string  label  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetLongHelp ( string  longHelp  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetMinSize ( Size  size  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetProportion ( int  proportion  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetShortHelp ( string  shortHelp  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetSizerItem ( wx.SizerItem  sizerItem  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetSpacerPixels ( int  space  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetState ( int  new_state  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetSticky ( bool  v  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetUserData ( uint  ud  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SetWindow ( wx.Window  window  ) 

Property Documentation

bool wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.Active [get, set]

wx.Bitmap wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.Bitmap [get, set]

wx.Bitmap wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.DisabledBitmap [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.HasDropDown [get, set]

wx.Bitmap wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.HoverBitmap [get, set]

int wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.Id [get, set]

ItemKind wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.Kind [get, set]

string wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.Label [get, set]

string wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.LongHelp [get, set]

Size wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.MinSize [get, set]

int wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.Proportion [get, set]

string wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.ShortHelp [get, set]

wx.SizerItem wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SizerItem [get, set]

int wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.SpacerPixels [get, set]

int wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.State [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.Sticky [get, set]

uint wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.UserData [get, set]

wx.Window wx.Aui.AuiToolBarItem.Window [get, set]

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