wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 AuiPaneInfo (IntPtr auiPaneInfoPtr, bool memOwn)
 AuiPaneInfo (IntPtr auiPaneInfoPtr)
 AuiPaneInfo ()
void Bottom ()
void Center ()
void CenterPane ()
void DefaultPane ()
void DestroyOnClose (bool destroy)
override void Dispose ()
void Dock ()
void Fixed ()
void Float ()
bool HasBorder ()
bool HasCaption ()
bool HasCloseButton ()
bool HasFlag (AuiPaneState flag)
bool HasGripper ()
bool HasGripperTop ()
bool HasMaximizeButton ()
bool HasMinimizeButton ()
bool HasPinButton ()
void Hide ()
bool IsBottomDockable ()
bool IsDocked ()
bool IsFloatable ()
bool IsLeftDockable ()
bool IsMovable ()
bool IsOk ()
bool IsResizable ()
bool IsRightDockable ()
bool IsShown ()
bool IsToolbar ()
bool IsTopDockable ()
void Left ()
void Right ()
void SafeSet (AuiPaneInfo source)
void SetFlag (AuiPaneState flag, bool state)
void Show ()
void Show (bool show)
void ToolbarPane ()
void Top ()

Protected Member Functions

override void CallDTor ()


Size BestSize [get, set]
bool BottomDockable [get, set]
string Caption [get, set]
bool CaptionVisible [get, set]
bool CloseButtom [get, set]
wx.Direction Direction [get, set]
bool Dockable [set]
bool DockFixed [set]
bool Floatable [get, set]
Point FloatingPosition [get, set]
Size FloatingSize [get, set]
bool Gripper [get, set]
bool GripperTop [get, set]
int Layer [get, set]
bool LeftDockable [get, set]
bool MaximizeButton [get, set]
Size MaxSize [get, set]
bool MinimizeButton [get, set]
Size MinSize [get, set]
bool Movable [get, set]
string Name [get, set]
bool PaneBorder [get, set]
bool PinButton [get, set]
int Position [get, set]
int Proportion [get, set]
Rectangle Rect [get]
bool Resizable [get, set]
bool RightDockable [get, set]
int Row [get, set]
AuiPaneState State [get]
bool TopDockable [get, set]
wx.Window Window [get, set]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.AuiPaneInfo (  ) 

wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.AuiPaneInfo ( IntPtr  auiPaneInfoPtr  ) 

wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.AuiPaneInfo ( IntPtr  auiPaneInfoPtr,
bool  memOwn 

Member Function Documentation

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Bottom (  ) 

override void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.CallDTor (  )  [protected, virtual]

This will be called by Dispose() to delete the C++ object. Overload this if you have to use another DTor.

Reimplemented from wx.Object.

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Center (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.CenterPane (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.DefaultPane (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.DestroyOnClose ( bool  destroy  ) 

override void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Dispose (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from wx.Object.

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Dock (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Fixed (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Float (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.HasBorder (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.HasCaption (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.HasCloseButton (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.HasFlag ( AuiPaneState  flag  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.HasGripper (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.HasGripperTop (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.HasMaximizeButton (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.HasMinimizeButton (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.HasPinButton (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Hide (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsBottomDockable (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsDocked (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsFloatable (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsLeftDockable (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsMovable (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsOk (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsResizable (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsRightDockable (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsShown (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsToolbar (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.IsTopDockable (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Left (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Right (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.SafeSet ( AuiPaneInfo  source  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.SetFlag ( AuiPaneState  flag,
bool  state 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Show (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Show ( bool  show  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.ToolbarPane (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Top (  ) 

Property Documentation

Size wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.BestSize [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.BottomDockable [get, set]

string wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Caption [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.CaptionVisible [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.CloseButtom [get, set]

wx.Direction wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Direction [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Dockable [set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.DockFixed [set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Floatable [get, set]

Point wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.FloatingPosition [get, set]

Size wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.FloatingSize [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Gripper [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.GripperTop [get, set]

int wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Layer [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.LeftDockable [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.MaximizeButton [get, set]

Size wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.MaxSize [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.MinimizeButton [get, set]

Size wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.MinSize [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Movable [get, set]

string wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Name [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.PaneBorder [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.PinButton [get, set]

int wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Position [get, set]

int wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Proportion [get, set]

Rectangle wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Rect [get]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Resizable [get, set]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.RightDockable [get, set]

int wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Row [get, set]

AuiPaneState wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.State [get]

bool wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.TopDockable [get, set]

wx.Window wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo.Window [get, set]

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