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wx.EvtHandler wx.Object

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Public Member Functions

bool AddPane (Window window)
bool AddPane (Window window, wxString caption)
bool AddPane (Window window, string caption)
bool AddPane (Window window, Direction direction)
bool AddPane (Window window, Direction direction, string caption)
bool AddPane (Window window, AuiPaneInfo pane, wxPoint dropPosition)
bool AddPane (Window window, Direction direction, wxString caption)
bool AddPane (Window window, AuiPaneInfo pane)
 AuiManager (IntPtr auimgrPtr)
 AuiManager (Window managedWindow, AuiManagerOption flags)
 AuiManager (Window managedWindow)
 AuiManager ()
bool DetachPane (wx.Window window)
< wx.Window,
wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo >
GetAllPanes ()
wx.Aui.AuiDockArt GetArtProvider ()
void GetDockSizeConstraint (out double widthpct, out double heightpct)
uint GetFlags ()
wx.Window GetManagedWindow ()
wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo GetPane (string name)
wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo GetPane (wx.wxString paneInfoName)
wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo GetPane (wx.Window window)
void HideHint ()
bool InsertPane (wx.Window window, wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo insert_location, AuiPaneInsertLevel insert_level)
bool LoadPerspective (string perspective)
bool LoadPerspective (string perspective, bool update)
bool LoadPerspective (wxString perspective)
bool LoadPerspective (wxString perspective, bool update)
wxString SavePaneInfo (AuiPaneInfo pane)
wxString SavePerspective ()
void SetArtProvider (wx.Aui.AuiDockArt artProvider)
void SetDockSizeConstraint (double widthpct, double heightpct)
void SetFlags (uint flags)
void SetManagedWindow (wx.Window window)
void ShowHint (wxRect rect)
void UnInit ()
void Update ()

Static Public Member Functions

static wx.Aui.AuiManager GetManager (wx.Window window)


wx.Aui.AuiDockArt ArtProvider [get, set]
uint Flags [get, set]
Window ManagedWindow [get, set]


event EventListener PaneButton [add, remove]
event EventListener PaneClose [add, remove]
event EventListener PaneMaximize [add, remove]
event EventListener Render [add, remove]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Aui.AuiManager.AuiManager (  ) 

wx.Aui.AuiManager.AuiManager ( Window  managedWindow  ) 

wx.Aui.AuiManager.AuiManager ( Window  managedWindow,
AuiManagerOption  flags 

wx.Aui.AuiManager.AuiManager ( IntPtr  auimgrPtr  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.AddPane ( Window  window  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.AddPane ( Window  window,
wxString  caption 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.AddPane ( Window  window,
string  caption 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.AddPane ( Window  window,
Direction  direction 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.AddPane ( Window  window,
Direction  direction,
string  caption 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.AddPane ( Window  window,
AuiPaneInfo  pane,
wxPoint  dropPosition 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.AddPane ( Window  window,
Direction  direction,
wxString  caption 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.AddPane ( Window  window,
AuiPaneInfo  pane 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.DetachPane ( wx.Window  window  ) 

System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<wx.Window,wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo>.ValueCollection wx.Aui.AuiManager.GetAllPanes (  ) 

wx.Aui.AuiDockArt wx.Aui.AuiManager.GetArtProvider (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiManager.GetDockSizeConstraint ( out double  widthpct,
out double  heightpct 

uint wx.Aui.AuiManager.GetFlags (  ) 

wx.Window wx.Aui.AuiManager.GetManagedWindow (  ) 

static wx.Aui.AuiManager wx.Aui.AuiManager.GetManager ( wx.Window  window  )  [static]

wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo wx.Aui.AuiManager.GetPane ( string  name  ) 

wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo wx.Aui.AuiManager.GetPane ( wx.wxString  paneInfoName  ) 

wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo wx.Aui.AuiManager.GetPane ( wx.Window  window  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiManager.HideHint (  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.InsertPane ( wx.Window  window,
wx.Aui.AuiPaneInfo  insert_location,
AuiPaneInsertLevel  insert_level 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.LoadPerspective ( string  perspective  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.LoadPerspective ( string  perspective,
bool  update 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.LoadPerspective ( wxString  perspective  ) 

bool wx.Aui.AuiManager.LoadPerspective ( wxString  perspective,
bool  update 

wxString wx.Aui.AuiManager.SavePaneInfo ( AuiPaneInfo  pane  ) 

wxString wx.Aui.AuiManager.SavePerspective (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiManager.SetArtProvider ( wx.Aui.AuiDockArt  artProvider  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiManager.SetDockSizeConstraint ( double  widthpct,
double  heightpct 

void wx.Aui.AuiManager.SetFlags ( uint  flags  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiManager.SetManagedWindow ( wx.Window  window  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiManager.ShowHint ( wxRect  rect  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiManager.UnInit (  ) 

void wx.Aui.AuiManager.Update (  ) 

Property Documentation

wx.Aui.AuiDockArt wx.Aui.AuiManager.ArtProvider [get, set]

uint wx.Aui.AuiManager.Flags [get, set]

Window wx.Aui.AuiManager.ManagedWindow [get, set]

Event Documentation

event EventListener wx.Aui.AuiManager.PaneButton [add, remove]

event EventListener wx.Aui.AuiManager.PaneClose [add, remove]

event EventListener wx.Aui.AuiManager.PaneMaximize [add, remove]

event EventListener wx.Aui.AuiManager.Render [add, remove]

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