wx.Archive.ArchiveEntry Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  ArchiveType

Public Member Functions

 ArchiveEntry (IntPtr wxObject)


DateTime DateTime [get, set]
string InternalName [get]
bool IsDir [get, set]
bool IsReadOnly [get, set]
string Name [get, set]
int Offset [get]
int Size [get, set]

Detailed Description

Describes an entry of an archive. An entry is a file included into an archive. Instances of this class are used as a key to denote particular files for reading and on the other hand provide meta information on the file as far as this information has been accessable.

Generate instances by wx.ArchiveInput.

Archive formats such as zip

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum wx::Archive::ArchiveEntry::ArchiveType

The type of the archive - compression mode.

Zip  Uses Zip compression

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wx.Archive.ArchiveEntry.ArchiveEntry ( IntPtr  wxObject  ) 

Property Documentation

DateTime wx.Archive.ArchiveEntry.DateTime [get, set]

Modifcation time.

string wx.Archive.ArchiveEntry.InternalName [get]

The internal representation of the file name of this entry. Use this to implement portable comparisons.

bool wx.Archive.ArchiveEntry.IsDir [get, set]

True iff this represents a directory.

bool wx.Archive.ArchiveEntry.IsReadOnly [get, set]

string wx.Archive.ArchiveEntry.Name [get, set]

The file name of this entry in native format. This can be read and set.

If this is a directory entry, (i.e. if IsDir() is true) then Name() returns the name with a trailing path separator. Similarly, setting a name with a trailing path separator sets IsDir().

int wx.Archive.ArchiveEntry.Offset [get]

Returns a numeric value unique to the entry within the archive.

int wx.Archive.ArchiveEntry.Size [get, set]

The size of the entry's data in bytes.

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